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Patient Testimonials about Dr. Roberts

Patient testimonials about orthopedic hip replacement surgery with Dr. Mills Roberts
Ana C.
RESIDENCE: Grand Prairie, Texas
OCCUPATION / INTEREST: Lab Technician / Travel and Walking
DATE OF SURGERY: December 2009
JOINT: Left Hip

Ana loves to travel, and had always hoped to one day see the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately for Ana, rheumatoid arthritis limited her mobility and made it difficult for her to take trips. With many of her joints inflamed and painful, Ana had a very hard time getting around.

Her hip, especially, had been giving her problems for close to two years. “I was in a lot of pain all the time,” Ana recalled. “By the time I went to the doctor, I wasn’t able to walk; I had to use a crutch. I couldn’t even stand and wash dishes.”

With her hip pain worsening, Ana’s rheumatologist suggested she meet with an orthopaedic surgeon and gave her some names.

Ana chose Dr Roberts, who confirmed her joint was bone-on-bone and recommended an OXINIUM™ hip replacement.

Ana was nervous, but decided it was her only hope of feeling normal again. She had surgery right before Christmas in 2009.

She quickly noticed the pain ‘on the inside’ was completely gone. And despite having to limit physical therapy due to her arthritic condition, she was moving freely again within several weeks, and by ten weeks was back to doing all of her household chores with relative ease.

Even better, Ana was standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon just six months after her surgery. “It’s something I had wanted to do for a long time, and I was finally able to do it!”

Now that Ana has been feeling so good, she’s planning more trips and hopes to go to Florida next.

“I feel 100% better,” Ana exclaimed. “I don’t know why I didn’t do it earlier! It was the best thing I could have done for myself. I just want to give thanks to Dr Roberts and all of his staff. I am so happy with my new hip.”

Patti H.
RESIDENCE: Irving, Texas

At 62, Patti Herbert embarked on a new career as a real estate agent. The career transition required six months of school at a local university. “Sometime in there I realized that walking from the parking lot, through the university, to my class room got a little harder and harder. Finally, my knee locked up.”

That’s when Patti found a knee specialist and said, “What can we do?” He told her the cartilage in her knee was gone, but her insurance required several treatments before approving replacement as an option. She tried them all, but nothing worked. During this time, she was a rookie real estate agent, trying to kick-start a new career. “I was almost crying while trying to sell houses to people. I couldn’t even walk up and down stairs.”

Finally, after about a year of failed treatments, Patti told her doctor, “Fix it, I’m ready. Let’s go.” She laughs remembering that her Doctor said, “Okay, let’s do it Wednesday.” She had her knee replaced in May 2004, on a Wednesday, when she was 64.

“My doctor is excellent, and he promised me that if I did the things he told me to do after the surgery, I would have the best possible results,” Patti says. And so she did exactly what he told her. She remembers that at times the rehab was painful, but she knew it was worth it to achieve the results she wanted. “A psychic told me I am going to live to be in my 90s, so I need all the things I’ve got right now to be working for a while!”

Now Patti’s able to show houses, pain free. She is also able to travel, which she hadn’t been able to do in a while. Her husband is a training development contractor and works on assignments all over the country. Patti flies to visit him, everywhere he goes, and the two go sightseeing together. “I can race through airports, now,” she says. When Patti’s not working or on the road, she keeps up with her yard work, “I do the mowing and all the pool maintenance myself, no problem. And I’ve got a huge yard.”

“I’m 68 but I get around like I’m 30,” Patti says. “I love my Dr. because in a way he practically saved my life. He gave me back everything I hadn’t had in while.”


Jose G.
RESIDENCE: Irving, Texas
OCCUPATION / INTEREST: Boy Scouts, Hunting Instructor
JOINT: Right Knee

Jose has always been an active man. Retired after 36 years as a flight instructor for American Airlines, he now volunteers with Texas Parks and Wildlife as a hunter education instructor, as well as with the Boy Scouts of America.

It’s a lot easier for him to enjoy the great outdoors without constant pain and stiffness in his right knee. “I’d had the knee scoped about five years ago, and knew it was going to have to be fixed. I’d tried the injections, which helped for a while, but it was down to a bone-on-bone situation.”

In July 2008, he had a total joint replacement with the JOURNEY™ knee from Smith & Nephew and was hunting again by October. His advice for a smooth recovery is straightforward: “Do the exercises and physical therapy. By the time I left, I could bend my knee 120 degrees. It’s important to exercise prior to the surgery and follow-up religiously.” Jose continues to do stretching yoga exercises three days a week to stay limber.

Before the surgery, Jose felt pain literally all the time. “It was just different levels of pain. It hurt even in my sleep. Now,” he adds, “my right knee is 100%. If there’s a change in the weather, it might talk to me just a bit – but it’s better than my original knee.”

Having been through a joint replacement, Jose’s views have changed. “It used to be that people would be advised to wait so they wouldn’t have to have the surgery again later, but implants last longer now, so I say, ‘Just do it, don’t wait. Get it done, regardless of your age!’”

Jose talked to his orthopedist about having his left knee replaced in August. “I need to have it done, but I want to wait until after the National Jamboree with the Boy Scouts.” Laughing, he adds, “I told my surgeon, ‘It has to be as good or better than the first knee. No pressure, doc!’ But I’m not worried. I’m sure it’ll be just as good as the first one.”


Patient testimonials about Dr. Mills Roberts and knee joint replacement surgery

Herbert C.
RESIDENCE: Irving, Texas
OCCUPATION / INTEREST: Volunteer church work
JOINT: Left Knee

Herbert, 83, has stayed busy his whole life, enjoying good health and even working at an importer/distribution company until two days before his knee joint replacement surgery in May 2009. “I’d had problems with the knee for about a year, maybe a little longer, but it only became severe in the last couple of months before the surgery,” he explains. That’s when he chose to have a JOURNEY™ knee implanted.

Describing himself as “disgustingly healthy all my life,” Herbert unfortunately had a slow recovery after the surgery, when weakness and loss of appetite kept him in the hospital longer than expected. “It was probably two months before I began the normal procedure of getting better,” he explains. After his formal therapy was complete, however, Herbert continued to progress by working out on his own at home six days a week, following the program he was taught during therapy. He still does his strengthening and stretching exercises for his knee twice weekly, and enjoys taking long walks four or five times a week.

Having retired at the time of his surgery, Herbert now has more time for volunteer activities at his church, where he helps to take care of yard work and other maintenance.

Herbert encourages patients considering total knee replacement to educate themselves thoroughly prior to the surgery. “My doctor had repaired a torn rotator cuff on my shoulder, so I had faith in him. He knew how I responded to surgery and how long it takes me to heal, and he sent me for pre-op instructions and information so I’d be prepared. That makes it more logical, instead of finding out what it’s like after the surgery.”

While he’s not seeing much difference on a day-to-day basis, he believes he’s still progressing. “The knee is mostly alright now,” he says. “I do have some pain but not much. I even knelt at the altar last Sunday at church. That was the first time since the surgery.”


Janice W.
RESIDENCE: Irving, Texas
DATE OF SURGERY: August 2009
JOINT: Left Knee

Janice, 73, suffered from ten years of pain and instability in her left knee and a loss of mobility that made it difficult for her to perform even simple daily tasks. “It had deteriorated badly, the knee cap had given out on me, and it hurt an awful lot. I couldn’t walk a great deal and had to use a cane. I was pretty much confined to my home.”

While arthritis medications and injections had provided some relief from pain, they didn’t provide a permanent solution. So, when she was 72, Janice opted to have the knee replaced with a JOURNEY™ kinee. “The knee was so bad, I had to get it done. I hoped that the surgery would allow me to walk without pain. That was my main concern.”

During her recuperation, Janice had in-home therapy for about three weeks, followed by outpatient therapy which she says, “helped a great deal.” She continues to do her knee exercises at home, as her doctor had advised her. “He said I should do that for the rest of my life. It keeps the knee strong.”

Janice praises her doctor and his team for their responsive care – and is happy to report that the surgery was a success. “I am able to walk pretty much pain-free. If I’ve been sitting a long while, there’s a twinge when I start to stand, but once I’m up and walking, I’m fine.”

Looking back at the years she spent immobilized by pain, Janice declares, “I definitely should have had the surgery a lot sooner than I did. I just kept putting it off. If I knew then what I know now, I would have done it five years ago probably.”

Janice is back to enjoying life – including her passion for quilt-making. She attends a monthly class, goes to local shows, and makes quilts for loved ones. “I have five children and 10 grandchildren,” she says, “and I hope to leave each of them a quilt some day.”


Patient testimonial about JOURNEY knee replacement surgery with Dr. Roberts

Michael E.
RESIDENCE: Bedford, Texas
OCCUPATION / INTEREST: Truck Driver / Guitar, Yard Work
JOINT: Left Knee

As a long-distance truck driver, 58-year-old Michael already has a tough job – and it certainly wasn’t any easier when severe pain in his left knee made it difficult to climb up into the cab or operate the vehicle. “The knee was constantly moving around on me,” he explains, “and I need that left leg to push in on the clutch.”

Michael’s road to a knee replacement with the JOURNEY™ implant system began with osteoarthritis that led to bone loss and joint deterioration. He went through several series of injections, but that course of treatment provided only limited relief and didn’t resolve the underlying problem.

Knowing that his mother had undergone knee replacement with “excellent” results when she was in her 70s, Michael felt comfortable having the same surgery at age 57. Even so, his experience exceeded his expectations. He was out of the hospital the second day after surgery, walking without a cane in three weeks and back in the cab of his truck only two months after surgery. “Everything worked well. My range of motion is better than ever before, and I have no pain at all. The whole thing amazed me, how quick it went.”

Now, when he needs to head out on his 300-mile weekday route, he doesn’t have to worry about his left knee giving out on him. “Before, just getting up in that truck was tough. Now, that’s easy. The hard part,” he adds, “has been getting used to using my knee after all those years of favoring it. I had to remind myself to use it walking up stairs. Now I trust the new knee more than the other one.”

Michael’s taking advantage of his newfound mobility. He’s back to doing the yard work he enjoys, spending time on home improvements, throwing tennis balls for his German shepherd – and taking road trips with his wife to visit their grandchildren.

“Having the surgery was probably the best thing I’ve done in a long time. I tell people, if you need it, don’t put it off, just do it. You won’t regret it.”


Orthopedic knee replacement surgery with Dr. Mills Roberts

Kathleen J.
RESIDENCE: Irving, Texas
OCCUPATION / INTEREST: Home Improvements
JOINT: Right Knee

With her mother, three sisters and six animals all part of her household, Kathleen has a lot of people relying on her. She’s also faced multiple health challenges in her life, including spinal surgery, fibromyalgia (a chronic disorder of the connective tissues that causes widespread pain and stiffness) and “a lot” of arthritis. Then, in 2003, she tore the meniscus of her right knee, which resulted in pain so severe that “it was worse than the spinal pain.”

On top of all that, an implanted pain pump became infected, “so the doctor put me in a body brace, started me on antibiotics – and told me I couldn’t have the knee surgery for at least a year.” Kathleen is a fighter, though, and she made it through all the difficulties, finally undergoing joint replacement in May 2006 at age 49, when a JOURNEY™ knee from Smith & Nephew was implanted.

“My surgeon had really wanted to do the surgery a year or two earlier before so much damage had been done – and I wish I could have. I tell people to go on and have the surgery. It really makes a difference. Just recently, the pharmacist’s wife was debating whether to have the surgery, and I told her, ‘You’ll never regret it.’”

After surgery, Kathleen quickly recovered her range of motion, happily discovering that she could ride an exercise bike with no pain. “I try to walk wherever I can, and want to get back into water aerobics so I can lose some of the weight I gained when I couldn’t get around.” Kathleen says it took about three months for her knee to feel stable again while standing, climbing steps or getting in and out of her truck. She still has some pain in the knee, but is undergoing tests to see if the pain is related to a problem in her lumbar spine (which can cause leg pain) or bursitis.

“With the fibromyalgia and bad back, there are days when I’m useless,” she says, “and days when I can do things. On a good day, I can walk through the hardware store, on a bad day, I have to use their carts. But I do what I can.” Firmly, she adds, “We’re adding a microwave oven and needed a cabinet for it – and I built it and installed it myself.”

Patient testimonial about knee replacement surgery with Dr. Mills Roberts

Buell G.
VERILAST Technology
RESIDENCE: Irving, Texas
DATE OF SURGERY: October 2008
JOINT: Left Knee

Buell is leading the effort to hoist a playhouse up in a tree in his grandkids’ backyard. His son’s five children, ranging in age from two months to 10 years, have the perfect spot for a treehouse, and they’re lucky to have an industrious and strong grandfather to help them out. Buell explains, “It consists of a certain amount of rigging and using jacks. There’s just no way I could have even started this project before my knee replacement surgery.”

After a 50-year career in the electrical trade, working in the field and then managing his own electrical contracting business, Buell developed pain in his knees. When he retired, the pain got progressively worse. Ultimately, just walking became hard. “I’m a diabetic, so I walked a lot – until it got to where my knees were in too much pain. Then I rode a bicycle. It finally got to where that just wasn’t pleasant, either.”

In 2001, he had micro-surgery on both knees, which helped for a while. But by 2008 “it came back to where it was bothering the heck out of me, and I needed to do something.” The left knee bothered him the most, so Buell moved forward with a total left knee replacement in October 2008, when he was 69.

After surgery, Buell went through physical therapy for 90 days. He reports beginning to “feel like myself again” well before the physical therapy was over. He was happy to find that, as a side-effect of the surgery on his left knee, his right knee felt better, too. “My right knee hasn’t bothered me like it was. I’ve been told that once I started using the proper weight equally on both legs, it relieved pressure on the right leg.”

Now Buell reports he can get back on the bicycle again, with no problem. He rides for 30 minutes at a time, for exercise. “I guess I could do it longer if I wanted to,” he laughs, “but I have all the fun in 30 minutes that I want.”

Not that he has much time to ride on an exercise bike. His kids claim he’s started another profession in his so-called “retirement,” and it sounds like they’re right. Buell and his wife own over 50 rental houses, and taking care of them is demanding. The retired electrician laughs and says, “I’m too stingy to hire an electrician, so I do all that work myself.”

He goes on to say, “I don’t intend to slow down. Here I am, 70 and a half, and I see people going and doing things at 80 and 90, and I just hope I’m one of them.”

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